About Lester

My art is mainly figurative. I pay homage to my heritage, to the men and women who were uprooted from Africa, and taken captive to the Caribbean, creating the cultural and racial melting pot that is Cuba today.

One theme that is inescapable and all-present in my work is the black theme. My Afro-Caribbean roots influence my choice of colours, of subjects, of topics. My intention is to explore humanity’s universal values, like equality, justice, and freedom, through my perspective as a black man. I paint black people to honour their roles in my society and in my world, their love, resilience and courage. I paint resistance, the need to speak out, to understand, to be critical and inquisitive of the status quo. I paint what I live and feel.

My artwork is inhabited by people. Houses symbolise the backgrounds that each one of us carries within which is unique yet common to us all. I aim to depict that which unites rather than separates us.

My art pieces are mostly acrylic and mixed media paintings, but can include installations and handmade prints. Each project I undertake is different and consists of multiple pieces in a range of different media, grouped around specific themes. I like to experiment with different styles and visual effects, textures, ideas yet keeping my methodology consistent.

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