Wingless Angel: an international art project

The project

Wingless Angel is my present and most coveted project. Its main aim is to create opportunities to promote Cuban art in the UK and beyond.

These opportunities will include a series of exhibitions of my art and that of other selected Cuban artists. Pieces will represent various forms of visual art including paintings, sculptures, mixed media, prints.

This project will give international exposure to those examples of Cuban art that are still unknown, uncover incredible talent and make it visible in the world as we have so much to share. We want to start conversations and create spaces to exchange ideas.

The sales and auctions of the art pieces will generate funds which will be reinvested into the project so that it can grow and create more opportunities. A part of the proceeds will go towards institutions that work with children with disabilities and/or with terminal illnesses in Cuba and the UK.

What we need

I need the help of key people. Particularly financial help as we aim to produce a large number of pieces in big formats, and we need to transport the art-pieces of my colleagues from Cuba to the country where the exhibitions will be held. Help will cover packing, insuring, transporting, storing, hiring galleries, promoting and marketing.

I am open to exhibit both within and outside the UK and I invite opportunities in terms of spaces, collaborations, contributions.

You can donate to this valuable project through a crowdfunding page which is under construction. And also contribute with ideas and proposals. It is a living project which will continue to generate opportunities.

It is a chance for Cuban art, in particular from the eastern province of Las Tunas, to gain international exposure and support a social endeavour and commitment to children’s well-being.

To know more about the project or make a donation do email me at

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